A joint-stock company IPC was founded due to the development of the individual subsidiary companies as a coordination element of the whole system of the complete services for the health care.

In the field of the health service gradually emerged 5 basic divisions:


  • provides setting up and driving drug-stores


  • provides supplying of the inpatient department facilities

Marketing division

  • provides marketing for the pharmacy area

Medical supplies division

  • provides supplying of the health care institutions with medical goods
  • production of medical supplies

Drug distribution division

  • drug wholesale
  • drug import and export





Interpharmac provides drugs distribution.

IPC Marketing


International Pharmaceutical Corporation is an umbrella organization for companies operating pharmacies and health-care facilities. With them, it forms a structure providing comprehensive services for health service specialised in the branch of medicines.

Plzenská lékárna


Network of cooperating pharmacies.

Zelená hvězda


The largest network of shops and dispensaries of medical devices in the Czech Republic.

Complex services for health service

International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s. was actually founded in 1999. It continues, however, the activity that started in 1993, when they were first set up the pharmacy chain and were gradually developed activities in the field of medical supplies, marketing and comprehensive services for healthcare facilities.

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