Medi help 3000

The project of the cost savings of the hospitals

Medihelp 3000 At the present dismal economic situation of the hospitals in the Czech Republic, there is an increasing danger of reduction of the ability of health facilities to provide a high-quality care to the public. The debts of the hospitals are increasing at a rapid rate and the providers of services and material are not willing to deepen their economic slump any more by further supplying to risk business partners. Besides necessary system measures that have to stop the increase in the indebtedness of individual facilities and lead to its reduction it is necessary to make immediate steps towards cutting down the expenses. Among the most significant expenses of the hospitals belong, besides salaries, mainly expenses for medicaments and medical material.

The ways towards reducing the expenses for drugs and medical material:

  • reduction of total expenses by a suitable choice of a supplier
  • making the choice of drugs more effective

Through its regional companies IPC Company a.s. comes with a complex scheme of hospital cost savings MEDIHELP 3000, which comprises the total of all the ways towards reaching this objective. The project is the result of the five-year building of the system of supplying to medical facilities. The system has been created that is able to satisfy completely the requirements of the medical facilities with the aim to attain maximum cost savings on maintaining the needed professional quality of medical care provision.

The scheme deals with both basic ways of reducing the expenses:

  • IPC a.s. company is able to supply to their partners medicaments and medical material on very accommodating terms. The company is able to attain these terms thanks to the centralization of the purchases of medicaments and medical material and thanks to a maximally economical system of work. The margin to the manufacture cost of a medicament makes up 12%, which represents a 20% reduction compared to common deliveries.
  • The way of making the drug choice more effective is increasingly important and the experience from abroad shows that this is the right way and must be put to use.
    The success in this area can be reached by the total of several steps.
    • simplification and transparency of the choice of a needed medicament and of the ways leading to its ordering.
      In the IPC Company system this is ensured by the information, ordering and communication software particularly developed for this purpose, working on the basis of the e-BisTran Server technology. Ordering by means of this software enables a correct choice of the required drugs from the most up-to-date lists of drugs, which are regularly updated by IPC. The software enables the check of the medicaments ordered and a statistical analysis of the data.
    • introduction of the positive certificates
      Positive certificates are lists of drugs, which are, upon maintaining the needed effectiveness, economically most advantageous. IPC offers the creation and continuous update of the positive certificates pointed at individual facilities, reflecting their actual consumption. The positive lists created in such a way can be incorporated into the order software and a check of their observance is made possible. Positive lists are created by professionals who continuously monitor the situation on the drug market, apply the most up-to-date knowledge in the fields of pharmacology and pharmacoeconomics and use it further for the update. At the same time they present suggestions on substitution of more expensive preparations for cheaper ones in compliance with clinical studies and the needs of physicians and patients.
    • control activity
      With the aim to help to manage all the material as well as possible, and in case of a medical facility being interested, the control of the way of supplies storage in the individual wards belongs among the main points of the scheme. Further, it is possible to check the course of the usable life and solution of the individual problems.
      IPC offers their partners the check of the economical indicators by means of statistical outputs or the active monitoring on the e-lekarna server.
    • informational and educational activity
      The part of the whole project is a course of specialist lectures and seminars. The individual topics are chosen by the hospital management together with the doctors according to the current needs of the facilities. IPC organizes the seminars either in the individual facilities or regionally for a larger number of hospitals. Annually a national congress is held called The Third Millennium Hospital. The program of the events is arranged for by leading professionals of the health-care, economics and legislative domains.

Complex services for health service

International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s. was actually founded in 1999. It continues, however, the activity that started in 1993, when they were first set up the pharmacy chain and were gradually developed activities in the field of medical supplies, marketing and comprehensive services for healthcare facilities.

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