Sestra The company has been specializing in the central supply to bed facilities since 1997. Besides very advantageous price terms it offers an extensive customer service free of charge. For this purpose there were gradually built three specialized centers that are able to cover the whole Czech Republic.

The idea of the central supply to bed facilities (i.e. hospitals, specialized sanatoriums) developed on the basis of a study and an assessment of the economical situation of these facilities. It was found out that most of the facilities struggled with the lack of funds. The reasons for these difficulties are mainly a bad payment moral and philosophy of health insurance companies, furthermore a bad management and last but not least unsuitable location of the facilities.

The solution of the bad financial situation is, besides the elimination of the above mentioned reasons, which is very difficult, also in finding new economies. The sphere of drugs and medical material is often considered the easiest way. It is necessary to realize, nevertheless, that making economies in this sphere can result in the deterioration in the quality and accessibility of the health care. The scheme Medihelp 3000 puts great emphasis especially on a high professional quality of the health care and at the same time offers possible ways of reducing the costs.

We supply medicaments for example to hospitals Brandýs na Labem - Stará Boleslav, Vrchlabí, Frýdlant v Čechách, Kutná Hora, Lomnice nad Popelkou, Mariánké lázně, Most, Podpořany, Rakovník, Turnov, Hořovice a Jablonec nad Nisou.

International Pharmaceutical Corporation a.s. has further worked for more than 10 years at complex services for health service. The scheme of the central supply to bed facilities has been successfully in operation for six years in several hospitals all over the country. Part and parcel of this scheme is also the cooperation in the field of the positive certificates.

Complex services for health service

International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s. was actually founded in 1999. It continues, however, the activity that started in 1993, when they were first set up the pharmacy chain and were gradually developed activities in the field of medical supplies, marketing and comprehensive services for healthcare facilities.

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