Positive Certificates

At present when the quantity of accessible medicaments is steadily increasing, faster than financial possibilities of the hospitals, the problem of controlled and rational choice of drugs is increasingly topical. Preconditions for a high-quality drug choice are represented by the following:

  • hospital staff need to understand the necessity of the drug choice
  • the choice of drugs must be adjusted to the character of the hospital - it cannot be made centrally
  • the choice of drugs is made by the hospital team (physicians, pharmacists, economists)

The aim is the choice of medicaments with an optimum proportion of the price and effect - based upon the effectivness, safety and price of the drugs.

The result of the choice is the positive certificate, which can be unrestrictive, semi restrictive or restrictive - according to the consideration of the hospital management. The validity of the positive certificate may be institutional only or ambulatory.

How to practically choose medicaments of a positive certificate:

  • the facility's own study (usually a cohort study) - advantageous because it reflects exactly the situation in a given facility, disadvantageous due to its laboriousness, time demands and the price. This is only possible in large hospitals.
  • literary sources, the Internet - advantageous is its relative quickness, low costs, the disadvantage is the necessity of the experience with results analysis, limited transmissibility of the results and restricted accessibility of the results.

A positive certificate is not made once forever, it must be continuously updated by a drug committee. The positive certificate does not necessarily have to bring savings; it depends on the policy and the quality of the drug choice.

International Pharmaceutical Corporation gives its clients the possibility to use a complete service in the field of the positive certificates:

  • "the central positive certificate" - this positive certificate is placed on the websites (e-lékárna - a registered access). It is a kind of an economically therapeutical standard, whose aim is not a substitution of the positive certificate of a particular bed facility. It is continuously updated; ATC classification enables transparent and quick orientation.
  • the positive certificate is created on the basis of the particular bed facility requirements - it is a team work (consultation of the pharmacy and the hospital)
  • the suggestions of the substitution upon prescribing drugs - on the basis of the prescription data of the bed facility - the recommendation of a cheaper substitution by a clinical pharmacologist (generic substitution, therapeutical substitution)


Complex services for health service

International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s. was actually founded in 1999. It continues, however, the activity that started in 1993, when they were first set up the pharmacy chain and were gradually developed activities in the field of medical supplies, marketing and comprehensive services for healthcare facilities.

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