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International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s.

A company founded in 1999 engaged in trade and services in the field of public health. It is the operating base for the subsidiaries as well as for the companies that are economically and personally connected to it. Together with them it provides complex services for public health especially in the area of drugs. Involved to the whole system there are service organizations providing marketing, IT and economics. IPC Inc. was founded for reasons of development of particular companies as a coordinating element of the whole system.

In the field of public health there have developed 5 basic divisions:

Pharmdivision- provides setting up and driving drug-stores
Hospitaldivision- provides supplying of the inpatient department facilities
Marketing division- provides marketing for the pharmacy area
Medical supplies division - provides supplying of the health care institutions with medical goods
- Production of medical supplies
Drug distribution division - drug wholesale
- drug import and export


Setting up the drug-stores has started in 1992. The first one was opened in 1993 in the historical part of Hradec Kralove in the Old Square. Next came into being gradually in the other parts of the city, later in the whole Czech Republic. The new point of the interest became in 1997 the project focused on the hospital supply. For the purpose of that, 3 logistic centers in Hradec Kralove, Ostrava and Sokolov were put into service.


The idea of central supply of the inpatient department facilities (such as hospitals and professional sanatoria) started on the base of economic estimation of these facilities. It was found out that most of them suffer from a lack of funding.
The area of drugs and medical goods seems to be one of the most significant when looking for savings. We should realize that savings on this area can finally badly effect the standard and availability of health care. IPC project insists especially on high professional health care standards as well as offers possible ways of reducing expenses.


Within the scope of our company activities there are provided full marketing services not only for own drug-stores but also for the wide range of pharmaceutical interest. Among present partners you can find prominent pharmaceutical companies. It turned to be an important fact to provide marketing services connected to the own medical facilities network.


Since 2000 the company has been developing the trade with medical supplies. The assortment of goods is a part of the portfolio includes products made by our own factory in Česká Skalice. The aim is to build not only the selling infrastructure for hospital and non-hospital market in Czech Republic but to take an important position on the world markets.


  • software services - creating of specialized pharmaceutical, store, logistic and hospital programs
  • equipment delivery to hospitals, ambulances and drug-stores
  • advisory and consulting activities in the field of public health
  • pharmeconomy - creating of pharmeconomic studies

PharmDr.Martin Mašát
executive director of the company

Complex services for health service

International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s. was actually founded in 1999. It continues, however, the activity that started in 1993, when they were first set up the pharmacy chain and were gradually developed activities in the field of medical supplies, marketing and comprehensive services for healthcare facilities.

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