Interpharmac, s.r.o. – International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s. holding member, founded in 1993

High standards of our expertise and customer service, and business partnership quality focus are cornerstones of IPC holding since the year of 1993. The company was founded by a Czech pharmacist and remains private without foreign investors. IPC Holding included several divisions - Pharmacy chain, medical supplies, medical devices, and health centers, and hospitals supplies

Thanks to our strategy, we built the biggest pharmacy holding in the Czech Republic with the third-largest Pharmacy retail chain. With top quality emphasis with no compromises, our company management consists of only pharma-educated managers and founder as CEO. Holding now employs more than 350 employees and owns 47 pharmacies. We also support and supply numberless health centers and medical institutions in the Czech Republic and EU.

All of our operations are following correct pharmacy and distribution experience and EU legislation. Work processes are managed and monitored per ISO 9001..

Thanks to more than 30 business partners from Europe, Asia, and Africa, we extended our international business services. We also attend World congresses, exhibitions, and fairs.

Our mission is to provide the most quality products and services from the health and medical industry to our current and future business partners and discover new opportunities and ways to secure health and medical products availability.

Our goal is to develop services within new locations and find other direct lines for cooperation with potential partners. We can offer a complex partnership with the professional process, short delivery times, a rich portfolio of medicaments, dietary supplements, and other available medical supplies registered in the EU.