About us

LÉKÁRNY ipc - traditional Czech pharmacies. It all started with the Velvet Revolution and the gradual privatization of state pharmacies in our country. One of the first private pharmacies in the Czech Republic and also the first pharmacy of the future third most extensive network of pharmacies was opened in 1993 by Hradec Králové pharmacist, a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Charles University in the historical center of Hradec Králové on the Great Square in the city. The development of the company continued with the opening of other pharmacies, not only in Hradec Králové. Thus began building a network of modern pharmacies with a tradition. Progressive development gave rise to International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s. in 1999, whose task is to coordinate individual divisions and subsidiaries. These efforts created a significant company of a Czech owner without foreign investors, run exclusively by pharmacists. LÉKÁRNY ipc is substantial and all Czech company. Today, there are 47 pharmacies in the portfolio throughout the Czech Republic.

Several divisions operate within the IPC holding, managed by parent company International Pharmaceutical Corporation, a.s. :

  • Pharma division - LÉKÁRNY ipc construction and operation
  • Hospital division - medical supply and drug management
  • Marketing - medical marketing and pharmacy support
  • Medical Devices - Special devices and medical supply
  • Distribution - Medical distribution and ipc pharmacy chain supply.

We are pharmacies that think of patients. Pharmacies with the most advantages and benefits, low prices, a wide range of medicines and food supplements. Pharmacies where expertise is combining with helpfulness. Pharmacists smile and respect the wishes and needs of their patients. Pharmacies run by Czech pharmacists. .


Pharmacies, where patient is always first.

In our pharmacies, you will find a pleasant and quiet environment, where the staff will always be fully dedicated to you. In the entire network of pharmacies, offering unique offer products from the seasonal leaflet at advantageous prices is regularly prepared.

If you become a member of the Pharmacard loyalty program (it takes less than a minute to create a loyalty card), you will gain access to additional benefits and bonuses. Not only do you earn points with each purchase, which you can then exchange for gifts for the smallest members of your family, but you will also receive an immediate discount on each purchase. With the Pharmacard, you also get a discount on your supplements, medicaments prescription (0-100% price cut). As a result of our Pharmacard benefits, our prices are one of the lowest on the market. Another benefit of Pharmacard is your medication history tracking. The pharmacist has an accurate overview of your treatment and can supervise the prescribed medicines, including possible interactions between the prescribed drugs and the over-the-counter medication you are taking.

The entire collection of rewards for your loyalty is represented by our cheerful plush mascot Bear Bohouš. Among the gifts, you will find his soft miniatures in two versions, for boys and girls, which have become a hit among our youngest patients. You can complete the bear collection with a plush backpack with a teddy bear, a plush pencil case for school, a toothbrush with a bear, an inflatable ball, and inflatable wings for water.

If you already have all the gifts from our rich collection of rewards at home, you can exchange the saved points for additional discounts on your purchases.

LÉKÁRNY ipc tries to differentiate mainly by the quality of provided services. They are a company with a deep heritage of Czech pharmacy. The LÉKÁRNY ipc network operates without large chain disadvantages. We focus exclusively on providing quality and erudite pharmacy care for our patients. We reject conventional controversial practices, such as irrational confusion of patient medication, motivating staff for more sales instead of the best possible dispensation, aggressive marketing, etc. Hence a unique local needs, we believe in individual pharmacies' independence. The main goal is a satisfied patient with tracked health by a pharmacist who is constantly educating himself. A happy patient is the best advertising campaign for any pharmacy.


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